Mobius Practitioner

Learn how to create the outcomes that matter

Learn how to deliver the outcomes that matter and align your organization.

Who Should Attend

The world. Anyone who cares about creating great products, people and organizations.


“Mobius is the one-stop-shop for design thinking, lean startup, business modelling and Agile delivery.  It connects all the dots to create awesome experiences and the outcomes that matter.” - Jamie O’Shaunessey, Product manager at Skype

Our Mobius Practitioner workshop combines a mixture of interactive exercises, practical real-life examples, and lively discussion.

Throughout this class you’ll have a chance to interact and share your experiences of how you’ve used Mobius in your organization, or how you plan to use it going forward. Following the completion of the course, all participants will be given the Mobius Practitioner certificate.

In this class you’ll learn:

• How to design a holistic innovation process customized for your environment

• How to form cross-functional, cross-organizational teams to deliver the outcomes that matter

• Scaling an outcomes model

• Connect the discovery process to the delivery process using Mobius as our navigator

• How to use the Mobius kit which includes practices and tools from business model generation, lean startup, design thinking and lean to create products customers love.

About the Trainer

Gabrielle Benefield

Gabrielle Benefield is an author, speaker, innovator, and the creator of the Mobius navigator for transformational thinking.

She spearheaded one of the largest Agile enterprise transformations, scaling up to 250+ teams across three continents.

Now she is taking Mobius to the world, from Google and Red Hat to private individuals and small companies, helping people solve complex problems in a transformational way.

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