Agile Marketing Specialist

Marketing Agility Requires a Bird's Eye View and Some Unique Skills, We Help You Build Them

The Agile Marketing Specialist™️ course is a four half-day, entry-level course taught by Maria Matarellia and Nick Sementa, Certified Agile Marketing Trainers™️ (CAMT). The AMS course is designed to cover all the basics of Agile as applied to Marketing activities and to better align the Marketing department with Agile techniques used by development teams. Applying an iterative approach allows for rapidly discovering which marketing campaigns are most effective and yield the highest results.

The Agile Marketing Academy has aligned our Learning Outcomes with ICAgile and are pleased to offer dual certification with the ICAgile ICP-MKG certification. Attend one 4 half-day course and get both certifications!

Who Should Attend

This course is encouraged to anyone in a marketing role. This includes managers, project team members, stakeholders, and anyone else who wants to understand how to apply Agile to get results beyond just IT and the Marketing arena. Through an experiential, hands-on learning approach, this course provides foundational education in Agile, including its values, principles, and practices as applied to Marketing. This interactive learning approach will include a variety of exercises, activities, and discussions as well as case studies while providing first hand experience for attendees to learn how to apply Agile to yield rapid results in Marketing.

Course Program

Discover cutting edge techniques that apply the practices of Agile to Marketing.

Agile Marketing is a combination of cutting-edge Agile development processes, often used in software development, and are applied to internet marketing strategies to create an iterative approach to marketing. At Formula Ink, we have helped companies increase their marketing development speed more than 80% faster than competitors. When we began applying this iterative approach to marketing, we began seeing our clients soar by more than a 300% growth in 6 months, and more than a 780% growth in a year. This course will cover the fundamental practices of specific, actionable steps that lead to massive growth when applied to marketing as well, as a massive increase in revenue and business growth.

In this Certified Agile Marketing Specialist™️ (CAMS) course, you will:

-Learn Agile Marketing foundations and core values

-Learn how Agile is used in Product Development and IT, and the transition in applying to Marketing

-Visualize collaborative approaches for identifying customer needs

-Adopt an iterative process applied to Marketing for fast results & sustainable growth

-Focus on customer relationships that carry the most value

-Organize your marketing into channels of Filtering, Educating, and Selling

-Create the systems and messages to find and nurture your ideal customers

-How to review of case studies applying these techniques to yield rapid growth

-Move beyond theory, into real world application

Upon completing this course you will:

-Qualify for a Certified Agile Marketing Specialist™️ (CAMS) Certification after passing a brief exam

-Qualify for an ICAgile ICP-MKG Certification, upon completion

-Receive a one year membership to the Agile Marketing Academy

-Receive 14 PDUs from PMI (Project Management Institute)

-PMI-ACP: This course counts as 14 of the 21 contact hours needed to be eligible for the PMI-ACP certification.

About the Trainers

Maria Matarelli

Maria Matarelli is an international business consultant, experienced Agile Coach, and Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) who consults and trains companies on reaching true agility. Maria travels to consult organizations and speak at industry conferences with locations from Shanghai to Singapore and Thailand to Nova Scotia.

While looking for ways to continue to expand Agile outside IT, Maria and her team have been applying Agile to the Marketing realm with incredible results, which led to Maria co-founding the Agile Marketing Academy and becoming one of the first Certified Agile Marketing Trainers (CAMT).

Maria also co-founded the Personal Agility Institute and is dedicated to helping people discover how to do more of what matters by applying Agile techniques in a holistic view of their lives.

Maria is also the Founder and President of Formula Ink, an international consulting company and is passionate about working with people and organizations to inspire agility.

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